Inspired by the pinball culture – rescuing that feeling of slapping the machine so the ball doesn’t fall into the endless hole –, Bário was born: a bar with arcade, bringing to Brazil the complete experience of meeting friends with beers and incredible drinks, irresistible food and everything washed down with rock n’ roll and… pinball!

“Ever since I was a young boy I’ve played the silver ball”


The project consists of creating a bar brand for pinball’s fan. The essence of the brand is a revival of the 80’s, from which pinball machines are an icon. The name Bário – the chemical element – appears as a catalyst, incorporating the New Wave aesthetic, materialized in lambe-lambes, graffiti, pixel art.

The language project is composed of its own typography (Space In Vader), illustrations and humorous phrases, combined with a citrus color palette, vibrant and loaded with neon, integrated into the architecture, to create the almost stroboscopic atmosphere of Bário.