The Uêbaa brand needed to find its own branding language, which would develop narratives for its final audience, children and their parents, building an affective connection with them. The tone of the brand’s speech was rethought and a series of ludic narratives, illustrations and pictograms were created to bring Uêbaa closer to its audience. Applied to surfaces, social media, stationery, the website and much more, the images are basis for the exposure of the fun and childlike spirit of the brand.

Playful, functional, sustainable and aesthetic

Based on 4 pillars – playful, functional, sustainable and aesthetic – the Uêbaa brand manages to have its communication oriented towards the development of products that offer tangible benefits to its public. The pillars are graphically translated by an extensive palette of colors and illustrations that stimulate creativity and imagination. The brand Uêbaa starts to communicate in an authentic way through its own and unmistakable visual elements, becoming a reference in its business segment.


Child bedroom

We believe that the child’s world is infinite to play and create. And the child’s room is their world, where everything is possible.

Children need to mess up and create imaginary stories from simple objects. They need to feel the textures, explore the space and furniture and learn from experiences! It is the basis for a creative, curious adult with autonomy and self-confidence.

For children, but it talks with parents

The new brand identity project of the Uêbaa brand allowed it to appropriate the universe of children’s language with authority, without incurring a model permeated with clichés. The brand identity uses illustrations to pragmatically exemplify its brand basis – playful, functional, sustainable and aesthetic. The visual language is for children, but the brand basis aim to dialogue with parents.


To all families


There are families that change without changing. And furniture needs to keep up with this pace of life. There are families that need to be light, because they love to fly. The sky is your trail!


There are families who live in a house that is their face and their safe haven. There are families that are deep-rooted and the furniture is part of the house. The ground is what holds them together.