After ten years, Dona Vitamina was living a need to change its branding language, preserving its original essence of humor and reinforcing the genesis of female empowerment present since the begin. Laika created a series of narratives with women, other Donas Vitaminas, which contemplate other ethnicities and feminine manners. However, always maintaining the disruptive essence […]



The sea is Portugal and Spain’s territory. The sea, which provoked so many fears and temptations, is present in Benta’s brand, and served as an inspiration to compose a mythical and typical universe. The Benta logotype has a sober and sans serif typographical drawing, practically modernist. The bond between “t” and “a” assigns a classic […]

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The bar project developed to the Ibis hotel chain immerses itself in the culture of São Paulo city in its essence: the way of appropriating every culture that arrives in the city, because nothing is strange, everything is digested by the city of São Paulo. The project should have the soul of São Paulo and […]

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Inspired by the pinball culture – rescuing that feeling of slapping the machine so the ball doesn’t fall into the endless hole –, Bário was born: a bar with arcade, bringing to Brazil the complete experience of meeting friends with beers and incredible drinks, irresistible food and everything washed down with rock n’ roll and… […]

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Belgium is here Chez Vous is a Belgian restaurant in São Paulo. An authentic Belgian Restaurant! Despite being the country’s only representative in the Brazilian city, its identity project did not reflect the Belgian humour and its cultural unfolding. Rain, French fries, Magritte The Belgian iconography is extensive, from plastic arts to tennis. It is […]

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Superlimão is a Brazilian architecture office located in Sao Paulo. In a multidisciplinary and plural way, it creates architectural projects based on relevant premises of contemporary architecture, such as respect for the environment, economical and durable productive solutions and furniture. To represent the discursive aspects of the brand, Laika designed the new logo inspired by […]

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